Euroscepticism, from the margins to the mainstream

Nathalie Brack and Nicholas Startin
SAGE journals vol. 36, june 3
International Political Science Review - Special issue

Special Issue of the International Political Science Review “Euroscepticism: from the Margins to the Mainstream”

Table of content:
1. Nathalie Brack and Nicholas Startin, “Introduction: Euroscepticism, from the margins to the mainstream”
2. Cécile Leconte, “From pathology to mainstream phenomenon: Reviewing the Euroscepticism debate in research and theory”
3. Robert Grimm, “The rise of the German Eurosceptic party Alternative für Deutschland, between ordoliberal critique and popular anxiety”
4. Susannah Verney, “Waking the ‘sleeping giant’ or expressing domestic dissent? Mainstreaming Euroscepticism in crisis-stricken Greece”
5. Emmanuelle Reungoat, “Mobilizing Europe in national competition: The case of the French Front National”
6. Nicholas Startin, “Have we reached a tipping point? The mainstreaming of Euroscepticism in the UK”
7. Asimina Michailidou, “The role of the public in shaping EU contestation: Euroscepticism and online news media”
8. Nathalie Brack, “The roles of Eurosceptic Members of the European Parliament and their implications for the EU”

Guest Editors: Nathalie Brack (FNRS, Cevipol, Université libre de Bruxelles) and Nicholas Startin (University of Bath)